Hello -

I'm trying to move changes from my DEV instance to the QA instance (via the=  Registry), but it's giving me the following error:

"Failed to update flow to new version due to java.lang.IllegalStateException: The input port name or identifier is not available to be added."

I had a similar issue in the past where it wouldn't update to a new version= , but due to deadlines I ended up just deleting the QA version and re-impor= ting the flow from the registry. However, that approach means that dozens o= f variables have to be double checked and/or updated for the new environmen= t (QA and then again for PROD which gives the same error).

If this is going to keep happening, I'd rather try and get to the bottom of=  it, but haven't been able to find other examples of people having issues w= hen updating flow versions using the registry.

Currently running Nifi version 1.6.
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