Long term I would also like to see #3 be the solution.  I think what Joseph
N described could be part of the capabilities of #3.

I would like to add a note of caution with respect to reorganizing and
releasing extension bundles separately:

   - the burden on release manager expands because many more projects have
   to be released; probably not all on each release cycle but it could still
   be many
   - the chance of accidentally forgetting to release a project in a
   release cycle becomes non-zero
   - sharing code between projects gets a bit harder because you have to
   manage releasing projects in a specific order
   - it becomes harder to find all of the projects that need to change when
   shared code is added
   - the simple act of finding code becomes harder ... in which project is
   that class in? (IDEs like IntelliJ can search in 1 project, but if they
   search across multiple projects, then I haven't learned how)

I used to maintain several nars in separate projects, and recently
reorganized them into 1 project (following NiFi's multi-module maven build)
and life has become much easier!

-- Mike

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