Yes the kafka service is hosted on a single server while NIFI is on a
cluster of 4 servers. I'm not entirely sure what wild carding of topics is
but kafka is integrated with a Oracle golden gate and the topics are auto
generated as soon as a new table is created in Oracle.

"If you want that in a single instance you may need to alter the timeout
associated with any single kafka consumer. "
Can let me know which configuration is this?

The consumer kafka processors are scheduled(Timer driven ) to run on all
four nodes with 4 concurrent task so i assume there will be 16 threads.(
the Maximum timer driven thread count is set to 40)

We tested the whole data flow with about 15-20 consumers and everything
worked fine with out any errors. We started getting all these wired errors
as soon as we bumped up our load test with 150+ consume kafka processors.

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