I don't know if it's compatible with v1.13, but I've been using an extractor plug-in from Bayan Group (https://github.com/BayanGroup/nutch-custom-search) with v1.10 to strip content that repeats on every page (header, footer, toc/nav) and index only the main content section into the default search field.  The plug-in is easy to configure and use and allows you to specify multiple elements to remove from the indexable content by element type, id, name or css class.  It also allows you to map multiple elements from different sites with different element naming/classing conventions into the same field, helpful if you've got multiple sites that each call or class their main content section something different. I've been using it without issue for about four years now.

Mark F. Vega
UC Irvine Libraries - Web Services
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That is a very interesting note. I have been wanting something like that. I use the python-based "newspaper" package but it is not directly compatible with the nutch/hadoop infrastructure.
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Hello Rushikesh,

Are you using Nutch 1.3 or Nutch 1.13? If you're using Nutch 1.13, then you could use the Tika boilerpipe implementation, on the nutch-site.xml you need to enable this feature with:

  Which text extraction algorithm to use. Valid values are: boilerpipe or none.

And configure the proper extractor with
the tika.extractor.boilerpipe.algorithm setting.

This is not a perfect solution, but I've used it successfully in the past, of course, your results will depend on how is the structure (markup of the website).

Other option could be to implement your own parser if you need to have more control over what to include/exclude from the HTML. You can take a look at this issue https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/NUTCH-585 which contains some info and old patches.

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