Thank you for this information. Since this is very much related to Any23 and microdata parsing, I’m going to ask what I believe is a related question but keep this same thread so it will be organized in one place:

I noticed a lot of job boards such as <>, <>, etc use <> information, however many seem to use <script type="application/ld+json”>…</script> rather than RDF.
Summer 2017, Google announced structured data guidance for Jobs: <>
and a testing tool to validate your HTML:
I verified a few sample listings on the above mentioned job boards on google’s testing-tool and they validate OK.

So after looking at <> for the supported extractors, I see Any23 mentions it supports JSON+LD input, so I added this to nutch-site.xml to override the same property in nutch-default.xml:

    <description>Comma-separated list of Any23 extractors (a list of extractors is available here:</description>

I expected to see additional information from nutch parsechecker after adding the jsonld extractors, however I see NO changes to Any23-Triples microdata parsed.

What might I be doing wrong?