Hi Arkadi,

thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
I can understand your frustration but I also want to clarify:

- Arch is a nice project, for sure. But Arch is GPL licensed
  which makes contributions a one-way route (Nutch -> Arch)
  and causes me even not to look into the Arch sources. Sorry.

- Please take the time to split your list of issues into separate
  requests on the mailing list or open separate Jira issues.
  Also take care that the problems are reproducible by sharing
  documents failed to parse, log snippets, config files, etc.

- Sorry about NUTCH-2071, I took this mainly as a class path issue
  in the parse-tika plugin (which is solved). Now I understand better
  what your objective is and I'll will review and try to fix it
  (in combination with NUTCH-1993). But again: please take the time
  to explain your objectives, ping committers if fixes make no progress,

- Nutch is a community project. There are no "paid" committers. This
  means although some of us are paid to configure/operate/adapt crawlers
  nobody is delegated to fix issues, support Nutch users, etc.
  That's voluntary work.

- Everybody is welcome to contribute (patches, documentation, support
  on the mailing list, etc.)  Because Nutch is a small project this
  will help us definitely.

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