I have a oozie shell action that executes a spark program. The action works
fine for small data. However when the dataset becomes large the spark
program runs longer than 2 hours. But in the oozie web console, I see that
the job failed with code JA017 after an hour.

This is the error message from oozie web console:
*JA017: Could not lookup launched hadoop Job ID [job_1515381588900_7387]
which was associated with  action
[0000751-180104034149429-oozie-oozi-W@taste-vector-affinity].  Failing this
But actually the job runs in YARN and completes successfully after 2 hours.
So why does oozie fails the shell action? Could there be any configuration
that has gone wrong?

*version deatils:*
Ambari - Version
oozie -
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