A tip for performance is reusing the same preparedStatement , just
clearParameters() , set values and executeUpdate() over and over again.
Don't close the statement or connections after each upsert. Also, I haven't
seen any noticeable benefit on using jdbc batches as Phoenix controls
batching by when commit() is called.

Keep an eye on not calling commit after every executeUpdate (that's a real
performance killer) . Batch commits in every ~1k upserts .

Also that attempt of asynchronous code is probably another performance
killer. Are you creating a new Runnable per database write and opening and
closing dB connections per write? Just spawn a few threads (5 to 10, if
client cpu is not maxed keep increasing it) and send upserts in a for loop
reusing preparedStatement and connections.

With a cluster that size I would expect seeing tens of thousands of writes
per second.

Finally have you checked that all RS receive same traffic ?

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