Hi Alan & Others,

I am using pigmix patch at:
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIG-200 and want to generate
test data and run pigmix queries on it. As I understand, shell scripts
in the patch are intended to generate data for pigmix queries.
I have been able to adapt the shell scripts, map-reduce jobs and
pigmix queries on our cluster environment. Faced few problems because
of hard-coded paths, but resolved most issues. Still having one
confusion though. I believe there is one to one correspondence between
test data files generated by shell script and files loaded by pig
queries. So, wanted to verify if that is the case. According to my
understanding, correspondence is as follows:

generate_data.sh             pigmix
============================page_views          ->         pages10m
widerow               ->         widerow1m
power_users        ->         power_users, power_users10m (either
could be used? )
users                  ->          users, users10m
(either could be used? )

Is my understanding correct? Since data generated is random, could not
verify manually by checking schema inside files.