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Review request for pig, Cheolsoo Park, Daniel Dai, Mark Wagner, and Rohini Palaniswamy.
Bugs: PIG-3536
Repository: pig-git

Implement DISTINCT for Pig-on-Tez by providing a (very straightforward) implementation in TezCompiler.java.

For the moment, this does NOT use two optimizations done in the MRCompiler. We will create a separate JIRA for these optimizations:
1. A distinct combiner
2. A combiner optimizer that replaces certain uses of DISTINCT with an algebraic udf

[Little code note: I changed the name of getPlainForEach to getForEachPlain. That way we can have getForEachHelper1, getForEachHelper2, etc. all follow alphabetically. Sorry if that's a little too OCD.]

  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/TezCompiler.java d62b2a1
  test/e2e/pig/tests/tez.conf 24af8d3
  test/org/apache/pig/test/data/GoldenFiles/TEZC5.gld PRE-CREATION
  test/org/apache/pig/tez/TestTezCompiler.java 1209d08

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/15219/diff/

This patch includes:
-A unit test in TestTezCompiler.java
-An e2e test

DANIEL: Can you check that my e2e test looks appropriate? I wasn't sure which test data set to choose, I just picked studenttab20m.

Alex Bain