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(Updated Dec. 23, 2013, 5:34 p.m.)
Review request for pig, Cheolsoo Park, Daniel Dai, Mark Wagner, and Rohini Palaniswamy.

Updated with fix to race condition and e2e tests
Bugs: PIG-3629
Repository: pig-git
Description (updated)

Implement STREAM operator in Tez - https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIG-3629

In this patch, I do not add resources to pig-misc.jar, I just add them individually. See my discussion post: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/pig-on-tez/8S80GMKhMaU

Basic Changes:
-Run the PhyPlanSetter and EndOfAllInputSetter to set the parent plan and the end-of-all input flags necessary for STREAM, just like in MR Pig.
-Add a map to hold plan-specific extra local resources in TezOperPlan.java. These resources can either come from the user's directory (e.g. SHIP('/home/abain/foo')) or from HDFS (e.g. CACHE('/user/abain/bar') in HDFS).
-Add the new class TezPOStreamVisitor that assembles all the plan-specific local resources that get added in TezOperPlan.java.

Resource Manager Changes:
-TezResourcManager resources were previously a map of java.net.URL -> Path in HDFS. Previously, the URL's were all local files, e.g. file://home/abain/pig-withouthHadoop.jar. However, the CACHE statement requires that resources already present in HDFS be able to be added as local resources. Unfortunately java.net.URL does not support hdfs:// URL's, so I changed this data structure to be a YARN URL instead. I also added methods to the ResourceManager to distinguish whether you are adding a local resource or a resource already present in HDFS.
-CACHE also supports URL's with fragments at the end, which become a "shortcut" to the name, e.g. CACHE(/input/big-data-name.gz#data.gz). I changed the resource manager to look for a fragments and use that as the resource name (if the fragment exist). This results in the symlink to the resource being created with the fragment name, which is what we want.

Race condition:
-I found a race condition that resulted from reusing the Result object in POSimpleTezLoad. There are several possible solutions. After discussing in the newsgroup, we decided to change POSimpleTezLoad for now.
-I also made a small cleanup to PhysicalOperator.java.
Diffs (updated)

  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/mapReduceLayer/plans/EndOfAllInputSetter.java 37566ab
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/physicalLayer/PhysicalOperator.java 8487a0f
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/POSimpleTezLoad.java d57aded
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/PigProcessor.java 0ee7256
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/TezCompiler.java 191563d
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/TezDagBuilder.java df9fea6
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/TezJobControlCompiler.java 135b933
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/TezOperPlan.java 0cc8e17
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/TezPOStreamVisitor.java PRE-CREATION
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/TezPlanContainer.java 673fd70
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/executionengine/tez/TezResourceManager.java 0fd7575
  src/org/apache/pig/backend/hadoop/streaming/HadoopExecutableManager.java 862e637
  test/e2e/pig/tests/tez.conf 0e4ba4e
  test/org/apache/pig/test/data/GoldenFiles/TEZC12.gld PRE-CREATION
  test/org/apache/pig/tez/TestTezCompiler.java 8d5e5f2

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/16309/diff/
Testing (updated)

Added a unit test to TestTezCompiler.java
Added a new unit test e2e test to tez.conf with session reuse enabled
Ported three other e2e tests from streaming.conf to tez.conf to increase coverage

ant test-tez passes
ant test-e2e-tez passes
Manually tested with a large subset of tests from streaming.conf (the ones using features currently supported by Pig-on-Tez), they pass

Alex Bain