I'd previously been using 4.9.0. Making a huge jump in release numbers is
scary. Will it invalidate existing indexes? Has the Lucene API changed a
Will I be forced to migrate to python 3? That said, I was desperate and
all the official releases (4.10.1, 6.2.0, 6.4.1, 6.5.0). It just so
happened that
4.10.1 was the first thing I got to work.

Here are things I ran into. Just mentioning them, not asking for changes.

The distribution packages for python-lucene is totally busted.
I made the original package, someone else updated it in 2013,
but it was all built against openjdk-7-jdk which is long gone.

I think python-setuptools that ship with Ubuntu 18.04 do not include
shared support. The jcc/patches no longer apply.  I ended up hacking
the heck out of it (including copying files from older versions of Ubuntu)
to add shared support.

I think had some trouble with conflicting JVMs and really only got things
working after removing all but one from the system.

I got confused by python setup.py build; I kept modifying setup.py and
trying to rebuild, but didn't notice it didn't actually rebuild. Ended up
a lot of rm -rf once I realized this.

There are a lot of if statements in jcc/setup.py that try to reason about
shared support. I often got confused what it thought. Ended up removing
all the ifs and locking everything to shared.

Due to sleepiness, for a while I mistakenly thought this line was a
typo in the Makefile and was supposed to be two separate lines.
ANT=JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle /usr/bin/ant

It looks like libjava.so and libjvm.so in openjdk-11-jdk are in different
directories compared to openjdk-8-jdk.