Subject: Re: qpidmessaging - Link Error 2001 For qpid::types::Variant

On 13/08/2019 1:31 am, Michael wrote:

If they were AMQP encoded I would expect them to be decoded into a
Variant::Map for which there is an output operator (<<) defined.

What is the content type set to? Or is it set? Do you know the encoding
in which the body is being sent? This is over an AMQP 1.0 connection, is
that right?

If you run a simple receiver with QPID_LOG_ENABLE=trace+:Protocol, then
it will log details of the frames received and we may be able to deduce
the format (or at least rule some out) from that.

(BTW on an unrelated point, have you also considered the proton c++
client? It is a different style, being entirely event driven, but it
would be worth at least a look if you are at the proof of concept stage).