Hi, Matteo.

Thanks a lot for your work. I have implemented the APIs for binding List in

1) I didn't implement bindListEntry, because unlike Set, the order of
elements is important in List. As far as I know, any Tang configuration
should not be affected by the order of its bindings. For that reason, Tang
binds the whole List, which has the complete order information among
2) I also implemented Avro serialization part for List in Tang (for Java
side). However, at that time we didn't merge it because avro "union" schema
was necessary to support it, which Avro in Nuget (which had lower version)
didn't support. I think I can check whether C# avro supports it now or not,
and if it does I can merge my previous work as well as C#-part


2018-01-05 10:18 GMT+09:00 Matteo Interlandi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: