I wonder if something has changed/broken with TLS for rsyslog as well.

About a year ago I created a streamlined version of the rsyslog TLS
certificate creation process for our internal use here.  It worked for me
as well as for others at our company.

However, recently I needed to create some new TLS certificates and could
not get them to work. I ran through the rsyslog documentation
left/right/up/down and nothing would connect with the more recently created
certificates. There were some subtle differences between the new process
and what I had previously captured in my streamlined document.

Is it possible that something has changed/broken with either TLS support or
that the documentation needs updating? If that's a possibility I can try to
help here by sharing my previously working procedure.

Thanks all,

On Wed, Dec 5, 2018, 07:32 sophie.loewenthal--- via rsyslog <
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