Hi Thunder,

Can you provide debug level logs from KafkaSystemConsumer with the
stack trace for the exception? It'll help figure out why the
auto.offset.reset property isn't taking effect.

If this error is due to an older checkpoint for the stream, you can
try resetting the checkpoint using the following two configurations:
streams.stream-id.samza.reset.offset: If set to true, when a Samza
container starts up, it ignores any checkpointed offset for this
particular input stream. Its behavior is thus determined by the
samza.offset.default setting. Note that the reset takes effect every
time a container is started, which may be every time you restart your
job, or more frequently if a container fails and is restarted by the

streams.stream-id.samza.offset.default: If a container starts up
without a checkpoint, this property determines where in the input
stream we should start consuming. The value must be an OffsetType, one
of the following:
  upcoming: Start processing messages that are published after the job
starts. Any messages published while the job was not running are not
  oldest: Start processing at the oldest available message in the
system, and reprocess the entire available message history.

I.e., set 'samza.reset.offset' = true, and 'samza.offset.default' =
oldest for your stream. Let us know if this doesn't help.


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