Hey all, I’ve been prototyping out the ABAC CLI.  The design of it is to use sub commands for abac.  So something like the following:
bin/sentryShell -t abac policies add --attribute=pii --role=manager
bin/sentryShell -t abac policies list —role=manager
bin/sentryShell -t abac attributes list

The Commons-cli doesn’t have support for sub commands in the 1.x line, it was introduced in 2.x that was never released.  JCommander supports subcommands so I can nest the add/list/remove/update for policies in 1 object and separate the options flags out into their respective subcommands.  If I were to use the commons-cli, I’d have to have each sub command be it’s own object and deal with parsing the command line in bin/sentryShell to forward it to the right java command.   Overall, commons-cli makes implementation much more difficult.  Does anyone object to me using JCommander for these new commands?