Nop. The plan is to ship authz2 but only when grant/revoke tasks are
executed and HMS filters are used. The current HiveAuthzBinding class will
still be used when a command is executed and Hive requests authorization to
Sentry (this is part of the authz1 profile). Btw, the HMS server side
checks still use in both authz1 and authz2.

The plans for Solr is to support the latest Solr 6.x which added support
for authorization modules. Hrishikesh is a Solr contributor and is helping
us integrate it on SENTRY-1475
<>. Solr 7 was just
released last month, but he said he already has the code for Solr 6, but he
will try to see if Solr 7 is easy to do, but the initial expectations were
to have Solr 6.

What do you think about the plans? Any comments regarding about them? Would
you like to see something else or different?


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