Hi all,

I've updated some local testcases to work with Sentry 2.0.0 and the "v1"
Hive binding (previously working fine using 1.8.0 and the "v2" binding).

I have a simple table called "words" (word STRING, count INT). I am making
an SQL call as the user "bob", e.g. "SELECT * FROM words where count ==

"bob" is in the "manager" group", which has the following role:

select_all_role =

Essentially, authorization is denied even though the policy is correct. If
I look at the SimplePrivilegeCache, the cached privilege is:


However, when "listPrivileges" is called, the authorizable hierarchy looks

Server [name=server1]
Database [name=authz]
Table [name=words]

There is no "column" here, and a match is not made against the cached
privilege as a result. Is this a bug or am I missing some configuration

Colm O hEigeartaigh

Talend Community Coder