Subject: [DISCUSSION][IMPORTANT] End the supports of JDK 1.6 in the agent side

Hongtao Gao <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 于2019年12月11日周三 上午9:53写道:

Hi Gao

What kind of stable release do you propose? The last SkyWalking 6.5.0 agent
is a stable release for 6.x protocol for a long time.
And I think we have no plan to break the protocol in the short term.
Do you want a new 6.6.0 release for 1.6?

Then we move to SkyWalking 7.x based on 1.7+ or 1.8+ agent? Due we may
already have decided moving to 7.x as we are working on Qiuxia's proposal
about new Browser monitoring component. :)

Sheng Wu 吴晟
Twitter, wusheng1108