Subject: [DISCUSSION][IMPORTANT] End the supports of JDK 1.6 in the agent side

Hongtao Gao <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 于2019年12月11日周三 上午10:03写道:

Oh, you mean ES 7.x, then I think it makes sense to keep 6.x on 1.6 as we
at least are going to release 6.6.0 with new UI, instance relationship and
ES7 supports.
Then we could do adding `6.x` branch(with branch protection too), and do
supports there. Change master to 7.x. As a result, 6.6+ could still be
released on 6.x official branch, if any committers want to do that.
Is this good for you?
Sheng Wu 吴晟
Twitter, wusheng1108