Subject: [RT] Updates to the provisioning model

I don't think jq supports comments.

But as I stated, all our code writes out perfectly valid JSON without
any comments. So you can use this with any tooling that supports JSON.

*If* you want to have comments in your source feature, we currently
support them as described.

Now, looking at the existing provisioning models, I think that is
enough. However if people feel strong about it, we could add special
comment properties here and there. But then the whole processing gets
way more complicated and bloated as we have to drag them around, think
about how to handle them when merging etc. In addition, the OSGi
configuration specification does not allow such properties, so
configurations would be out of the picture.

It really seems to be a rare use case for which I don't want to clutter
the spec with

Bertrand Delacretaz wrote
Carsten Ziegeler
Adobe Research Switzerland