Subject: [discuss] Launchpad user experience

I think we can improve the user experience with our launchpad.
Let's start with the simpler issue:

Right now if you start the app and try "too soon" to open a page in your
browser you might get a nasty message like some service is missing etc.
That's not very helpful.

I've written a simple bundle at [1] which displays the message "Apache
Sling is starting up...". We could even enhance it with a little
javascript to reload itself. I know we have the startup filter, but
that's more a general purpose thing while this module is exactly there
to improve the user experience. We could add whatever we need to improve
that. I think we should release it and add it to launchpad to make this
problem go away.

Now the more interesting part is ... naming :)

While the downloads page states "Sling Application" we always refer to
it as "launchpad". Even the downloaded artifact has "launchpad" in it.
Now "launchpad" has no meaning to someone new to Sling and further more
its a technical term describing how we launch Sling. So I think we
should not use this for our Sling downloads.

"Sling Application" is far better but might not be the best description
either. I thought about "Sling Demo Application" but that's not quiet
right either. It's definitely not a distribution as we don't intend that
people use this in production.

So I think we should come up with a good (short) name for this thing and
then use it throughout our documentation and in the artifact id. And
forget about using the term launchpad. (As soon as we move to the new
feature model we don't use launchpad technology anymore anyway).

We should also improve our docs on building a real application with
Sling. But that's a different topic and I plan to work on this in
November to improve the docs around that.



Carsten Ziegeler
Adobe Research Switzerland