On 8/14/2018 8:07 PM, Yasufumi Mizoguchi wrote:

That is the only such list that I'm aware of.  There are not very many
JVM bugs that affect Solr, and most of them have either been fixed or
have a workaround.  I don't know the state of the IBM bugs ... except to
say we strongly recommend that you don't run IBM Java.

Best course of action:  Run the latest release of whatever Java version
you have chosen, and only use Oracle or OpenJDK.  For Java 8, the
current Oracle release is 8u181.  At this time, I wouldn't use Java 10
except in a development environment.  It's still early days for that --
newest Oracle version is 10.0.2.

If you use the latest Oracle/OpenJDK release of Java 8, Solr ought to
work quite well.