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Old thread!  Brought to my attention through other means.

I think you've encountered a subtle classloader problem.

The "_isOlapAnalytics" field in the ResponseBuilder class is at default
visibility -- package protected.  The AnalyticsComponent class is in the
same package as ResponseBuilder, so on the surface, this doesn't seem
like it should be a problem, and the compiler doesn't complain about it,
because everything matches up from its perspective.

AnalyticsComponent is in a contrib jar, loaded by a different
classloader than the rest of Solr.  When this happens, Java's
inheritance model can get broken.

A workaround that should work in the field is to remove the <lib> config
line from solrconfig.xml that loads the analaytics jar and copy that jar
to server/solr-webapp/webapp/WEB-INF/lib so that it is loaded by the
same classloader as the rest of Solr.  I have a report that this
actually does work.

There is an issue to move the analytics component into solr-core, which
would also solve the problem.