Subject: Document Score seen in debug section and in main results section dont match

HI All,

Currently I am migrating  Solr 6.4.2 to Solr 7.4.  We pass multiple boost
queries (multiplicative boost queries, Solr's 'boost' parameter) to Solr
with each query. We have migrated all our custom components and solr
configurations to Solr 7.4.2 but during verification we have seen different
score in debug section which is not matching with the score that we see when
we return score field using fl parameter.

After spending half of my day analysing issue I found similar issue is
already open. Below issue is exactly same as what I am also observing with
Solr 7.4.

Is there and solution/workaround available for this issue?
or going back to Solr 7.2.1 is the only solution - As per comments in above
issue ( these changes are
not there in 7.2.1)

Any help will be appreciated.
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