Subject: Distributed Search returns Empty document list

I am running Solr (4.10) in cloud mode by configuring multiple collections (1 for each day). Structure is as shown below. I can fetch documents for given query, if I query individual collection. However when I send distributed request to multiple shards, I only see numFound and no documents returned. Appreciate any pointers on setup. 

--- directory structure:    solr        collection1                   //(does not have any index)        collection_20150112        collection_20150113
Command to run Solr:sh bin/solr restart -d example -cloud -p 9999 -noprompt

Set up RequestHandler called alias in solrconfig.xml of collecton1
  <requestHandler name="/alias" class="solr.StandardRequestHandler" default="true">
     <lst name="defaults">
       <str name="echoParams">explicit</str>
       <str name="wt">json</str>
       <str name="indent">true</str>
       <str name="df">text</str>
       <str name="fl">score,*</str>
       <str name="shards">http://localhost:9999/solr/collection_20150113,http://localhost:9999/solr/collection_20150112</str>
   - responseHeader: {      
      - status: 0,
      - QTime: 19,
      - params: {        
         - q: "domain:com",
         - debug: "false",
         - "true"
   - response: {      
      - numFound: 11696,
      - start: 0,
      - maxScore: 1.3015664,
      - docs: [ ]