I'm trying to have Autoscaling move a shard to another node after manually splitting.
We have two nodes, one has a shard1 and the other node is empty.

After SPLITSHARD you have

* shard1 (inactive)
* shard1_0
* shard1_1

For autoscaling we have the {"minimize" : "cores"} cluster preference active. Because of that I'd expect that Autoscaling would suggest to move e.g. shard1_1 to the other (empty) node, but it doesn't. Then I create a rule just to test {"cores": "<2", "node": "#ANY"}, but still no suggestions. Not until I delete the inactive shard1, then it suggests to move one of the two remaining shards to the other node.

So my two questions are
1. Is it by design that inactive shards "count" wrt #cores?
   I understand that it consumes disk but it is not active otherwise,
   so one could argue that it should not be counted in core/replica rules?
2. Why is there no suggestion to move a shard due to the "minimize cores" reference itself?

Jan Høydahl, search solution architect
Cominvent AS - www.cominvent.com