Hi Bernd,

We didn't change any default settings.

Both 6.2.1 and 6.5.1 is running with same settings, same volume of data,
same code, which means indexing rate is also same.

In Case of 6.2.1 CPU is around 60 to 70%. But in 6.5.1 it's always around
95%. The CPU % in 6.5.1 is alarming for us and we keep getting alerts as
it's always more than 95%.

Basically, my question is why is that in 6.2.1 CPU is low and for 6.5.1 it's
very high ? I though only I am facing this issue, but one more in the forum
also raised this issue, but nothing concluded so far.

In another thread Shawn also suggested changes wrt merge policy numbers. But
CPU % didn't come down. But in 6.2.1 with default settings itself, it works
fine and CPU is also normal. So created new thread to discuss wrt CPU
utilization between old version (6.2.1 ) and new version (6.5.1+)


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