I would like to get a recommendation for the SOLR setup I have.

I have an index getting around 2 Million records per day. The index used is
in Cloudera Search (Solr).
I am running everything on one node. I run SOLR commits for whatever data
that comes to the index every 5 minutes.
The whole Cloudera VM has 64 GB of Ram.

Its working fine till now having around 80 Million records but Solr gets
slow once a week so I restart the VM for things to work.
I would like to get a recommendation on the setup. Note that I can add VM's
for my setup if needed.
I read somewhere that its wrong to index and read data from the same place.
I am doing this now and I do know I am doing things wrong.
How can I do a setup on Cloudera for SOLR to do indexing in one VM and do
the reading on another and what recommendations should I do for my setup.