On 16/04/2018 19:48, Terry Steichen wrote:

Hi Terry,

Sounds like a fascinating use case. We have some similar clients - small
scale law firms and publishers - who have taken advantage of Solr.

One thing I would encourage you to do is to blog and/or talk about what
you've built. Lucene Revolution is worth applying to talk at and if you
do manage to get accepted - or if you go anyway - you'll meet lots of
others with similar challenges and come away with a huge amount of
useful information and contacts. Otherwise there are lots of smaller
Meetup events (we run the London, UK one).

Don't assume just because some people here are describing their 350
billion document learning-to-rank clustered monster that the small
applications don't matter - they really do, and the fact that they're
possible to build at all is a testament to the open source model and how
we share information and tips.


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