Subject: Solr numFound > 0 but doc list empty in Solr Cloud setup

I am using below tutorial for Solr Cloud setup with 2 shards
I am able to get the default set up working. However, I have a requirement where my index is not in default location (data/index) and hence when I start jvm for each shard I run with<custom index path> . Now when I query I get results with numFound > 0 but doc list is always empty.

I verified that my index does have fields stored and indexed. Anyone else faced similar issue or have an idea on what I am missing ? Verified that by loading single core.

Appreciate any help.


{ "responseHeader": { "status": 0, "QTime": 18, "params": { "shards": "http://localhost:9999/solr/collection1", "indent": "true", "q": "body:\"to\"", "_": "1421390858638", "wt": "json" } }, "response": { "numFound": 2564, "start": 0, "maxScore": 0.4523638, "docs": [] } }