Subject: Reading JSON RDD in Spark Streaming


I have prices coming through Kafka in the following format

key,{JSON data}

The key is needed as part of data post to NoSQL database like Aerospike.

The following is record of topic from Kafka

"timeissued":"2019-06-18T22:10:26", "price":555.75}

The "key":"value" pairs inside {} are valid JSON as shown below in JSONLint

 "rowkey": "ba7e6bdc-2a92-4dc3-8e28-a75e1a7d58f2",
 "ticker": "SBRY",
 "timeissued": "2019-06-18T22:10:26",
 "price": 555.75

Now I need to extract values from this JSON.

One way would be to go through dstream

    { pricesRDD =>
      if (!pricesRDD.isEmpty)  // data exists in RDD
         for(row <- pricesRDD.collect.toArray)

And I get hit and miss as shown in the sample below with incorrect parsing
"timeissued":"2019-06-18T22:10:26", "price":555.75})
"SBRY"  //corrrect
"2019-06-18T22  // missing half
555.75}  // incorrect

Is there any way reading JSON data systematically?


Dr Mich Talebzadeh

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