The signatures and licenses look OK. Except for the missing k8s package,
the contents look OK. Tests look pretty good with "-Phive -Phadoop-2.7
-Pyarn" on Ubuntu 17.10, except that KafkaContinuousSourceSuite seems to
hang forever. That was just fixed and needs to get into an RC?

Aside from the Blockers just filed for R docs, etc., we have:

SPARK-23000 Flaky test suite DataSourceWithHiveMetastoreCatalogSuite in
Spark 2.3
SPARK-23020 Flaky Test:
SPARK-23051 job description in Spark UI is broken

SPARK-22739 Additional Expression Support for Objects

I actually don't think any of those Blockers should be Blockers; not sure
if the last one is really critical either.

I think this release will have to be re-rolled so I'd say -1 to RC1.

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 4:42 PM Sameer Agarwal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: