Subject: Apache Spark  Machine Learning Unleashed Book Review author: Jillur Quddus

@ Jillur Qudus aka Scammer
I know you are hiding on this mailing or at least or your friends are.
@Sean Owen Book/Theatre critic is a profession
When I first saw the following code on the introductory Page
def inside(p):
    x, y = random.random(), random.random()
    return x*x + y*y < 1

count = sc.parallelize(xrange(0, NUM_SAMPLES)) \
print "Pi is roughly %f" % (4.0 * count / NUM_SAMPLES)
I was a bit overwhelmed and thought WTF I better get a book which will explain this thoroughly. By  investing in a book I would get a thorough walk through of real cases and any dependency tools, with Spark  a Framework technology.
The Book I purchased was yours. Machine Learning with Apache Spark Quick Start Guide. publishing. Birmingham – Mumbai
Author: Jillur Quddus
You describe yourself as “
lead technical architect polygot software engineer and data scientist with over ten years experience. Architecting and engineering distributed scalable high performance and secure solutions used to combat organized crime,cybercrime and fraud. .. working with central Government Intelligence , law enforcement , banking. Worked across the world including in Japan , Singapore , Malaysia , Hong Kong and New Zealand. Founder of UK based company Keisan specialising in open source distributed technologies and machine learning ..
on Page 53 you describe the step of installing ANACONDA { python package manager and python environment }

> bash Anaconda3-…
on Page 54
> conda install -c conda-forge pyspark
Page 63
“ You will need to restart any Jupyter Notebook instances, and the underlying Terminal Sessions
from which they were spawned, in order for SPARK_HOME environment variable to be successfully recognised and registered by findspark.”
I know that Spark Framework is a self contained framework with its own configurations files
so there is no need to set environment variables. If I wanted to use those SPARK_HOME libraries then the code reads like so.
import findspark
Page [63]
“ .. We are now ready to write our first spark Program in python ! .. it may be easier to split the following code
This is your code
# (1) import required Python Dependencies
import findspark
This will not compile without the slashes because this is PYTHON.
# (2) Instantiate the spark context
conf = SparkConf()
.setAppName(“Calculate Pi”)
sc = SparkContext(conf=conf)
conf = SparkConf()\
.setAppName("Calculate Pi")\
sc = SparkContext(conf=conf)
This will compile because it is copied and pasted from Python example code.
# (3) Calculate the value of Pi i.e. 3.14 …
def inside (p):
x,y = random.random(), random.random()
return x*x + y*y <1
num_sample = 100
I have set it like so to get a more accurate value of pi
num_samples = 10**8
even this guy has set it to
num_samples = 100000000
"(I bet you understand what it does!)"

although good code would be num_samples = 10**8 (to the power of )
You also write in the book “To my wife and best friend Jane , for making life worth living. And to the memory of parents, for their sacrifices and giving me the freedom to explore my imagination.”

I understand these books' sale price is in India for $0.25 cents
because they printed there.

You obviously did not respect my freedom to explore and study  
and other who also spent their hard earning money and were SCAMMED like me.  
So I wish you a long life. In that long life I hope you have an accident where you are
parallelised from neck down and live the remainder of your years as a vegetables like Steven Hawkings. You wife has to spoon feed then finally end up and leaving you.

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