Subject: Reading configuration file in Spark Scala throws error

OK it turned up pretty simple once I established where to read the conf
file in yarn mode and get the values for different keys

  val dbHost = conf.getString("dbHost")
  val dbPort = conf.getString("dbPort")
  val dbConnection = conf.getString("dbConnection")
  val namespace = conf.getString("namespace")
  val dbSetRead = conf.getString("dbSetRead")
  val dbSetWrite = conf.getString("dbSetWrite")
  val dbPassword = conf.getString("dbPassword")
  val bootstrapServers = conf.getString("bootstrapServers")
  val schemaRegistryURL = conf.getString("schemaRegistryURL")
  val zookeeperConnect = conf.getString("zookeeperConnect")
  val zookeeperConnectionTimeoutMs =
  val rebalanceBackoffMS = conf.getString("zookeeperConnectionTimeoutMs")
  val zookeeperSessionTimeOutMs =
  val autoCommitIntervalMS = conf.getString("autoCommitIntervalMS")
  val topicsValue =  conf.getString("topicsValue")
  val memorySet = conf.getString("memorySet")
  val enableHiveSupportValue = conf.getString("enableHiveSupportValue")
  val sparkStreamingReceiverMaxRateValue =
  val checkpointdir = conf.getString("checkpointdir")
  val hbaseHost = conf.getString("hbaseHost")
  val zookeeperHost = conf.getString("zookeeperHost")
  val zooKeeperClientPort = conf.getString("zooKeeperClientPort")
  val batchInterval = conf.getInt("batchInterval")
  val tickerWatch = conf.getString("tickerWatch")
  val priceWatch= conf.getDouble("priceWatch")
  val op_type = conf.getInt("op_type")
  val currency = conf.getString("currency")
  val tickerType = conf.getString("tickerType")
  val tickerClass = conf.getString("tickerClass")
  val tickerStatus = conf.getString("tickerStatus")
  val confidenceLevel = conf.getDouble("confidenceLevel")
  var hvTicker = conf.getInt("hvTicker")

Thanks again.
Dr Mich Talebzadeh

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