IMHO it's CTAS which stands for "Create Table As Select".

On the front of views :
The question is more than valid if Sqoop supports it or not. I do remember
a problem we've faced 1-1.5 year ago in connection with Hive + Hcatalog +
Sqoop,  and that was not supported because of some missing Hive Serde
implementation. I'm not sure if this problem exists with standard Hive
views and Sqoop export command, but you should give a try.

The thing what could be problematic with views:
A View is a result of a select statement by design. But in Hive every
HiveQL command is translated to a map/reduce job. But Sqoop also works with
map/reduce jobs and thus it tries to read files from the HDFS ( because of
data locality and things), so this might be a clashing problem here, but as
I've advised you should give it a try.

With CTAS:
It should definitely work, because in this case Hive will store the
filtered results in a different Hive table ( == HDFS directory)  and thus
export dir is your friend. :)

Were I able to clarify everything or do you have further questions?


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