Hey Szabi,

Souds great!

Two comments:
AFAIR Anna Szonyi was also planning to do something similar last January
(when she was busy around the build system, tests, gradle, etc.). It would
make sense on my side, to reach out to her, maybe she's got some useful
feedbacks for you too.
I've opened an issue on the review board (which if I'm not mistaken you've
already fixed meanwhile I've been preparing this email ;-) ).

I'll give my +1 and ship it, as soon as I will be able to execute the
test/releasenotes/etc. on my side as well!

Many thanks for jumping on this initiative, it's a quite old item on my


ps: I do not have any pros or cons on the side of Pull Request VS. Review
Board, and I totally can understand if it's better for someone to review
182 commits instead of a big one. Although I would strongly advise and
appreciate if the commits would be squashed into one before merging them to
the trunk, b/c testing the effects of 180+ commits, one by one would
consume tons of efforts. If the commit to the master would/will be up to
me, I would use the patch file instead, or squash first, just for the clean
state of the trunk as well.


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