Good point, I'll address that.

Because I felt that it's redundant information - the %c{2} will print classname and the package name immediately left of classname. However the [%1] will print full class name including all packages. Check out the current log line:

2015-10-05 10:14:02,197 DEBUG common.CommonRepositoryHandler [org.apache.sqoop.repository.common.CommonRepositoryHandler.findDriver(] Looking up Driver and config

The fragment common.CommonRepositoryHandler is there twice.

I'm not concerned about that - without INFO most of the log is pretty much useless as we don't know what's going on. Originally Sqoop classes were configured for INFO as well and the warn was only for "other" classes. As we're not running much other classes inside Sqoop, I'm not anticipating that this change will have huge impact.
- Jarek
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