Storm Devs,
  My PR for STORM-2306 (messaging subsystem redesign) is almost ready. Not surprisingly, this PR brings extensive modifications in storm-client module and touches lightly on some others.

Just finished manually rebasing my local changes (to ~90 files) from an old version of master on to the latest master this Fri… but  shortly after I was done, more commits came into storm-client and need some manual reconciling .. so it’s a bit difficult to keep up with.

So, would like to request committers and contributors looking to make changes in this critical module to either wait for this PR to go through or work with me to see if we can work something out if its critical.

Changes related to core areas like Disruptor, Metrics, Credential updates, Worker, Executor, Task, Bolt/Spout output collectors/executors, ACKing etc are areas with very high likelihood of merge conflicts.

If there are better alternative ideas happy to consider.
Thanks for understanding,