Thanks. There are multiple modes of integrating deep learning with Tika:

The original mode: uses Thamme’s work on REST exposing Tensorflow
and Docker to provide a REST Service to Tika to allow for running Tensorflow
DL models. We initially did Inception_v3, and a model by Madhav Sharan that combines OpenCV
with Inception v3 (and a new docker that installs OpenCV it’s a pain) for image
and video object recognition, respectively. See: https://github.com/apache/tika/pull/208
and https://github.com/apache/tika/pull/168 and also the wiki
Later, Thamme, Avtar Singh, KranthiGV, added DL4J support:
including Inceptionv3 and VGG16 - https://github.com/apache/tika/pull/182
This houses the model in USC Data science repo and uses it as an example
for how to store and load models from Keras/Python into DL4j:
Then, Thejan added Text Captioning and a new Docker, and trained model:
Then Raunaq from UPenn added Inception v4 support via the Docker/Tensorflow way:
All this Docker work caused Thejan and others to think we needed to refactor the dockers. We did
that here: https://github.com/apache/tika/pull/208 to make them cleaner, and to depend on:
http://github.com/USCDataScience/tika-dockers/ and on http://github.com/USCDataScience/img2text
models for image captioning. Now, Video and Image recognition and Image Captioning all had the same
base docker and sub dockers from that.

That’s where we’re at today. Make sense? ☺ Thejan and others want to add more DL4J supported models
and we can always use Tensorflow/Docker as well as a way of doing it.








From: Tim Allison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Friday, July 6, 2018 at 2:39 PM
Subject: image recognition...how do the parts play together?


On Twitter, Chris, Thamme, Thejan, and I are working with some

deeplearning4j devs to help us upgrade to deeplearning4j 1.0.0-BETA



I initially requested help from Thejan (and Thamme :D) for this because we

were getting an initialization exception after the upgrade in tika-dl's



According to our wiki[2], we upgraded to InceptionV4 in Tika-2306 by adding

the TensorFlowRESTRecogniser...does this mean we can get rid of

DL4JInceptionV3Net?  Or, what are we actually asking the dl4j folks to help



How do these recognizers play together?


Thank you.






[1] e.g.  https://twitter.com/chrismattmann/status/1015340483923439617

[2] https://wiki.apache.org/tika/TikaAndVision