Thanks for sharing this, Tom.

Great work! I'm impressed that the layer with Tika Server and JRE is just
145M. And with Tika PMC hat on my thanks for respecting the Apache Software
Foundation trademarks and correctly naming Apache Tika in snaps'

As I see both snaps have same description and a bit strange version (1.16),
we just have released 1.15. Are you extracting version info from pom.xml?
If so I recommend to use latest version-like git tag without -rcN suffix
(/^\d+\.\d+(?:\.\d+)$/ in regexp notation, 2 or 3 numbers separated by

Do you have some repo where all required metadata and build scripts (if
they exist) are published?

IIRC snap packages are confined only on systems with AppArmor LSM.
CentOS/RHEL and Fedora don't have it, so they have only big advantage of
having independent libraries for package itself like flatpak (formerly
xdg-app) and appimage.
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Best regards,
Konstantin Gribov