Subject: [VOTE] uimaj-3.0.0-beta-rc8

- checked signatures on binary
- built from source and checked signatures
- ran a couple UIMA pipelines on both builds
- migrated a pipeline with many types and ran it on both builds
- spot-checked readme etc.

[X] +1 OK to release

Minor complaints:
 - JCasImpl has a getType method that throws "UIMA V2 operation not
supported in V3" ... perhaps it should refer to a section in the docs about
changes to internal classes and suggested alternatives.

 - migration of a large set of projects is painful -
When sourcesRoots contains multiple projects the converted classes are put
in the same folder making it difficult to copy them to the appropriate
project.  Perhaps an in-place option could be supported which could be used
after verifying that an earlier migration has succeeded,  or by relying on
a source control system to undo any unwanted changes.  This option could
also delete the obsolete xxx_Type classes.
Also the migrated source should include a comment recording the migration,
and should retain comments such as. copyright headers.
Would it help to suggest re-running jcasgen instead of converting the jcas

On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 12:25 PM, Jaroslaw Cwiklik <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>