Subject: Customizing Sample Pinger of Uima

Hi Florian,

Interesting questions. First, yes the intended behavior is to leave 1
instance running. Services are either started by having autostart=true, or
by a job or another service having a dependency on the service. Logically
it could be possible to let a pinger stop all instances and have the
service still be in some kind of "running" state so that the pinger would
continue running and be able to restart instances when it detected a need;
all that is needed is a bit of programming :)

A hacky approach would be not to use autostart, rather to start service-A
by using a dummy service-B with a dependency on A. When service A pinger
wants to stop A, it could issue a command to stop B which would allow
service A to be stopped. Restarting A would require an external program
requesting B to be started again.

For the second question, the answer is yes for UIMA-AS services. The latest
version of UIMA-AS supports sending process requests to specific service
instances. A pinger could send such requests, and when an instance fails to
reply the pinger can direct that instance to be stopped and another
instance started. The answer is also yes for custom services for which the
pinger knows how to address each instance.


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