Subject: How to see output of profile and statistics configuration parameters


I would like to measure the speed of running Ruta scripts. I do not know
this can be done but found some configurations parameters in uima ruta
manual, namely, *profile* and *statistics*, described around this section

So, I configure it in the ruta script. For example, the script is named
Main.ruta. In the Main.ruta, I write

    // in Main.ruta file
    ENGINE uima.ruta.mystuff.OtherEngine;
    CONFIGURE(uima.ruta.mystuff.OtherEngine, "profile"=true,

And i run the script on some file. Now question one: where can I see info
generated by the above configuration options? Are they somehow displayed in
Annotation Browser View? Are they in generated xmi file? Are they in the
cas object?

My 2nd queston is how to set the same options to the script being run. If I
add the following lines to the script Main.ruta, I end up with stack
overflow (my guess, caused by recursion):

  // in Main.ruta file
  ENGINE uima.ruta.mystuff.Main;
  CONFIGURE(uima.ruta.mystuff.MainEngine, "profile"=true,

My main question is how to measure speed is how to measure speed of running
ruta script. Im my setup, i have one Main.ruta that imports several other
scripts and runs them, I want to measure time of all individual scripts and
Main.ruta. COuld you advice on how to do it or point me to the
documentation where it is described?

Thanks in advance,