Subject: UIMA-AS Client API Change Discussion

Hi, I need to extend UIMA-AS client API as defined by

The new feature I've been working on, should allow a client to send a CAS
to a specific instance of a service. Such targeting is optional and could
be useful to test if a service is viable (processing can be done).

To support targeting, a service uses a JMS selector which expects a message
property that uniquely identifies the service. By default, the selector
uses  IP:PID as a unique identifier, but a service deployer can define a
custom identifier using -D property on the  service command line.

An application client must be able to invoke a UIMA-AS client method which
takes a CAS, unique id of a service to target, and other properties. The
targeting is again optional and used for special use cases.

Current UIMA-AS client uses two styles of calls: asynchronous and

sendCAS(CAS cas) - this is an asynchronous style

and there are two APIs for synchronous style:

sendAndReceive(CAS cas)
sendAndReceiveCAS(CAS cas, List<AnalysisEnginePerformanceMetrics>

To support targeting, I can overload the above creating two new methods

sendCAS(CAS cas, String serviceTargetId)
sendAndReceiveCAS(CAS cas, List<AnalysisEnginePerformanceMetrics>
componentMetricsList, String serviceTargetId )

Another suggestion from Lou Degenaro is to create a new method

submit(CAS cas, ProcessingOptions pos);


ProcessingOptions() {
  void setAsynchronous();  // if this is not called the default is
  void setMetrics(List<AnalysisEnginePerformanceMetrics> list);  //null for
asynchronous style
  void setTargetInstance(String id);  // if not called ,targeting is not

Burn Lewis commented on this proposal with:

"Has the advantage of being extendable without having to add another send

Could be a map with a specified set of legal keys but a special class is
good too ... especially if had extra constructors, e.g. for a targeted
async request:

submit ( cas, new ProcessingOptions(true, null, "") )"

If submit() is a preferred choice should the sendCAS() and sendAndReceive()
be deprecated to encourage new code to use more flexible API? Or should we
just document that submit() is only
for targeting services?

Are there any suggestions perhaps which should be considered?