Subject: how to set scriptPath

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your quick reply. Still can not get it to work. Please read
my questions intertwined with your answers.

I will start with an overview of the projects structure I have set up


So, the project is multilingual (hence deu and eng) and I want to keep some
shared scripts under *common/* directory. An example of such a shared
script is, for example, *date.ruta*, for recognizing dates, because dates
can appear in any type of document.
All specific stuff, that is my case is document-type/genre specific, goes
outside of *common/* directory: *eng/aaa.ruta* is an example of such
specific document genre-dependent script.

And now I want to reuse *eng/common/date.ruta* in said *eng/aaa.ruta* that
looks like this:

// file: script/uima/ruta/eng/aaa.ruta
PACKAGE uima.ruta.eng;
SCRIPT;  <-- this causes an error
Document {->CALL(date)};

I tried to do it like this but it did not work. Hence i am asking this

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 9:27 AM Peter Klügl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

I assume that you use a simple Ruta project (compared to a maven project


Do you mean that *descriptor/BaseEngine.xml* is used as a basis for other
descriptor/*Engine.xml files? that is, the file
*descriptor/uima/ruta/eng/aaaEngine.xml* was generated from BasicEngine.xml
when I first created *eng/aaa.ruta* file. Can the file aaaEngine.xml be
edited manually? Is it safe? I see that this file contains absolute paths
and what happens when I move this project to another computer that has a
different directory structure? And finally, should aaaEngine.xml be
committed to a git repository?

sorry, can not understand this. How do I locate it?

Unfortunately, it did not work. The error is

Exception in thread "main"
org.apache.uima.resource.ResourceInitializationException: Initialization of
annotator class "org.apache.uima.ruta.engine.RutaEngine" failed.
(Descriptor: file:/path/to/zzz/descriptor/uima/ruta/eng/aaaEngine.xml)
Caused by: org.apache.uima.ruta.extensions.RutaParseRuntimeException: Error
in aaa, line 11, "SCRIPT": expected 'none', but found ScriptString
Oke, I tried the following (in my case, this is said *aaaEngine.xml* file,
correct?) but looks like it did not help: still getting the same error as
above when I run the script:


I also tried using CONFIGURE command in aaa.ruta script, but honestly, I
dont know how to specify an array of strings as a value and the
documentation does not cover this case

CONFIGURE(hmlrEngine, "scriptPaths" = ["uima/ruta/eng/common"]); <--
invalid syntax

Thank you and best regards,