Subject: DUCC's job goes into infintie loop

Please note that we make a clear distinction between "services" and
"jobs".  Earlier e-mail from you suggested that your trouble was related to

Here is my understanding of you situation.  You use ducc_submit to submit a
job comprising several work items.  DUCC starts three Job Processes all on
the same machine and these are successfully processing work items.  At some
point before all work items are completed the connection to that machine is
lost.  And at this point the trouble for you this correct?

DUCC should detect that the lost contact machine is down, and if there is
space on other machine(s) it should allocate new Job Processes to continue
the work.  However, the disconnected machine may continue processing any
work items is was working on prior to losing connectivity, so it is
possible that the same work items may have overlapping processing.  Is
overlapping processing of the same work items your complaint?


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