Subject: how to set scriptPath


Great day! Finally, after many experiments I managed to reuse another
script that is not in the same directory and the current ruta script.

It turns out to be very easy to achieve:

// file: script/uima/ruta/eng/aaa.ruta
PACKAGE uima.ruta.eng;

// these two lines import another script form a subdirectory
ENGINE uima.ruta.eng.common.dateEngine;

// and either of these two performs annotation with the above imported
//EXEC(date); // this also works

I am not sure this is the right way to accomplish the goal, but still I
want to leave the answer here for the record, as it turned out to be very
time consuming to find the answer. Hopefully, the answer will save someone
else's time :)

Happy Easter!

BR, Nikolai
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