Subject: [VOTE] Apache Yetus 0.12.0 RC1

Artifacts are available:

As of this vote the relevant sha512 hashes are:

SHA512 ( = 921f3378aa49445a6d0c4af924a8649a5dd0b4b437edb52f35272c55fc75a450dc6407e9f9a37cf350f3a9b9a5d45b65d39f05caa72c8d9685511a50e15a262b

SHA512 ( = 1796e77eafefcd15c4a9df2604f273b75854900883b159bc2ddf35d125543e65bc81cb988b318832c99eaa478de1ce6c5fd4e8f8464491fc4fa5dc786713fd1a

SHA512 (apache-yetus-0.12.0-bin.tar.gz) = 1b5a27a75808ae9b2fe90e7e3ded940ce56809bbc6e9c79ca9636287ec157524125d87ba967ff933453ccdbb818239dde3f426736af3c56bd56d66cd24926493

SHA512 (apache-yetus-0.12.0-src.tar.gz) = 43e31707bc8489ab2d47083aa5f2f77e69d812aee30a966f064fbfa899024410910620f2da497221c476b8ef9aca71cbd80f696d4a14e453fa3ac971ec959ab1

Source repository commit: 3b2ba2b1895244af235d21a7b6f855f5b423bc59
Maven staging repository:

 Our KEYS file is at:
 All artifacts are signed with my key (E846DF38)
 JIRA version:

 Please take a few minutes to verify the release[1] and vote on releasing it:

 [ ] +1 Release this package as Apache Yetus 0.12.0
 [ ] +0 no opinion
 [ ] -1 Do not release this package because...

 The vote will be subject to Majority Approval[2] and will close minimally at 12:00 midnight
 UTC on Thursday, April 16th, 2020[3].

 [3]: to find this in your local timezone see: